Project WOJAK ZP manages two portals.
The first is the Platform of Good Practices,
the second is the Platform Exchange Experience

If you want to expand your knowledge and use it in an accessible way, you can go to the following portal Platform Exchange Experience

The whole project is implemented under the patronage of the National Association of Public Procurement Consultants

Come to Polska Zbrojna and check what they write about
the Platform of Good Practices


We are introducing a new one for you a defensive business incubator. If you want to appear on the defense sector and public security, join the incubator

Novelty is planned to implement the PROJECT 2020. Under the PROJECT 2020, the Armed Forces are to determine the size of their own needs and to examine the defense sector and public security possibilities to satisfy them

At this point, we provide you with a repository of the Public Procurement Office

The project is patronized by the National Association of Public Procurement Consultants , which organized a very interesting conference on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its existence

We offer participation in the planned
XIV Public Procurement Forum

Below we present the training material that was presented during the XXVI International Defense Industry Exhibition Kielce

Use of the Project WOJAK ZP